• Thank you for coming to vote for your finalists for the 2019 Queens Ball Awards.

    These awards serve to recognise the hard work achieved by those in Brisbane’s LGBTIQ Community in a number of categories. Finalists have been selected after submissions by the general public, now it’s up to you to vote for this years winners!

    On the following page you will have the opportunity read information about each of the nominees in each category. We kindly ask that you take the time to read up on those that you do not know about and think about how to cast your vote for their work.

    This year voting is not mandatory in each category, however we ask that you show you respect to the work of everyone in our community and attempt to cast your vote in as many categories as possible using the information provided to you.

    Thank you and we’ll see you at the ball!

  • Your personal details are collected solely for the purpose of contacting you should there be a query into the validity of your vote. Your details will not be sold or sent to a 3rd party and your phone number will not be used as part of any automated phone or SMS bulk messaging service. Your email address will be added to an opt in database to receive further information from Brisbane Pride Festival, this will require you to confirm and accept this upon receipt of the email.