The Brisbane Pride AGM is held each year in February/March.  The Committee encourages all members to make every effort to attend the AGM as it is an opportunity for you to have your say on the future of Brisbane Pride.

Only members financial at the time of the AGM can vote at AGMs. A current Financial Member of the Brisbane Pride is one who has paid their fees (due one [1] year from when you joined or renewed your membership). Current members can renew their membership anytime up until the commencement of the AGM.  If you are joining for the first time you must have your membership approved by the Committee prior to the AGM.

At the AGM, we elect our new Committee. Nomination and proxy forms are made available upon notification of the AGM.

Non-Financial members are encouraged to attend and participate in discussions but do not have any voting rights for the elections.

Date: Tuesday 6 March 2018

Time: 7:00pm

Where: The Downstairs Bar of The Sportsman Hotel, 130 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill

(Under 18 members welcome accompanied by an adult)


Before you nominate

Holding a position on the Brisbane Pride Festival Management Committee comes with privileges and responsibilities.These privileges include contributing to the development and strategic direction the Festival, and representing the Brisbane LGBTIQA+ community.

Committee members are required to meet regularly to update the committee on the of individual projects, and to discuss the management and operations of each committee member’s designated portfolio. The majority of the work the management committee performs is done so independently. Committee meetings are a way of checking in with colleagues to ensure that we are all working in synchronicity towards our common goals.

Being a member of the Brisbane Pride Festival Management Committee is a big commitment, and should not be taken lightly. Both collectively and individually, we’re not the type of people who that do things in halves. Committee members are expected to be passionate, dedicated, professional, and self-motivated.

You will be responsible for the successful management and delivery of a range of tasks and initiatives within your own portfolio. There is also the expectation that you be willing to work cross-functionally and assist in the management and delivery of Brisbane Pride’s events and fundraising initiatives. We don’t believe in the “it’s not in my job description” mentality.

This means if you nominate yourself for the General Committee, Volunteers and Membership portfolio, that will be your primary responsibility – but, at times, you may be required to assist in other portfolios. We all help each other out.

Our shared values of respect, professionalism, and dedication provide the framework we need as a committee to achieve results.

So before you make this commitment, you need to be sure that you are:

  • Prepared and willing to volunteer your time, energy, and skills
  • Patient, positive, and eager to make a difference
  • Able to work independently are self-motivated
  • Eager to work for and represent the interests of a diverse community.

It is bloody hard work, and it can be a thankless job. But the true reward of volunteering for Brisbane Pride comes from the people you meet, the experiences you have, the knowledge you gain, and the feeling that you get from being able to contribute to something that is bigger than just you.

Management Committee Positions


The President is responsible for representing the membership of Brisbane Pride Festival and for chairing the Brisbane Pride Festival Management Committee..

The President’s responsibilities include communications, media and public speaking commitments, as well as engagement with key stakeholder including government representatives corporate sponsors.

The President is also responsible for assisting with any and all portfolios held by other committee members that require assistance.


The Treasurer is one of the most crucial roles on the Committee and requires a significant level of time and effort.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial record keeping, invoicing, and accounts payable. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the Management Committee’s accounts are audited each financial year in line with Brisbane Pride’s Constitution and legislation governing Incorporated Associations.

The Treasurer is also responsible for assisting other portfolios.

Director, Marketing (General Committee Position)

The Marketing Director is responsible for all aspects of Brisbane Pride’s communications and marketing, including but not limited to our website, our newsletter and other branding collateral.

The Marketing Director is also responsible for the development and execution of branding/marketing concepts aligning with Brisbane Pride’s core events, Queen’s Ball and Fair Day.

The Marketing Director works closely with the Sponsorship Director, but is also responsible for assisting the other portfolios as required.

Director, Sponsorship (General Committee Position)

The Sponsorship Director is responsible for maintaining and uncovering new leads for sponsor relationships. This includes negotiating terms of sponsorship, executing agreements and servicing the sponsorship agreement to ensure both parties deliver on agreed benefits.

The Sponsorship Director seeks to build positive relationships with key brands and government organisations, leveraging the unique opportunities for engagement presented by Brisbane Pride’s core events.

Subcommittee Positions

For the first time, the Brisbane Pride Festival is seeking five sub-committee member positions to assist with the operations of committee portfolios.

These positions are not management positions per se, but still, play a vital role in the successful operation of our organisation. Subcommittee members will be required to attend committee meetings in much the same manner as management committee members. And while the management committee will encourage and welcome input and discussion in official matters, the key difference between management committee members and subcommittee members is that subcommittee members will be unable to vote on board decisions and resolutions.

Members seeking to apply for these positions are requested to submit a brief application outlining their experience how they can contribute to the success of their chosen portfolio. Successful applicants will be appointed by the management committee one week after the 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Executive, Volunteers & Membership

This position will work directly with the relevant committee member to manage the current membership and volunteer databases. Further to this, the will develop and implement new strategies to drive membership and improve communication with, and retention of, volunteers.

This position will suit a someone with previous experience in (or a keen desire to learn) human resources, management and experience working with volunteer organisations.

Executive, Marketing

This position will work directly with the management committee member responsible for marketing portfolio of Brisbane Pride Festival.

The position will require planning and execution of marketing plans for major events. There are big plans in our marketing portfolio for 2017, with a number of exciting projects planned.

This role will require work and output on a weekly basis, covering tasks such as social content creation, ongoing website development and content management, cultivating a group of freelance journalists and writers who can provide educational insights and unique perspectives on current events, politics, social developments which impact the LGBTIQA+ community.

This role is rewarding and would best suit creative person with a passion for design, marketing and communications.

Executive, Communications

Working directly with the management committee member responsible for the communications portfolio, this position is largely a content creation role, suited to a creative individual with a passion for creative writing as well as corporate communications and public relations.

The role primarily acts as the voice of the Brisbane Pride Festival committee, effectively communicating the inside to the outside. We rely on this position to draft and distribute media releases, liaise with media outlets and social influencers, and keep our audiences abreast of what’s happening with Brisbane Pride.

Further to this, the role is crucial to the development of sponsorship documentation as well as the development of other official documents. This role is best suited for a person with strong communication skills, impeccable standards spelling and grammar, and a real flair for creative, energetic storytelling.

Executive, Engagement

This role will work alongside with the management committee member responsible for engagement. Together, you will work on developing effective strategies to engage with community groups to strengthen relationships between our organisations for the betterment of Brisbane’s LGBTIQA+ community.

This will require regular digital, verbal and face-to-face communications with other groups and organisations, this role will require a certain degree of flexibility to ensure sufficient time to make meetings, schedule events etc. Further to this, the role requires management of existing and development of new corporate relationships to drive sponsorship opportunities for Brisbane Pride Festival.

Executive, Events

Brisbane Pride Festival holds two key events every year, the Queen’s Ball Awards Gala and the Brisbane Pride Fair Day.

This position will assist the events team in the preparation of these events and will require regular weekly work to plan these events from the outset. Prior professional experience in events management is a must for this position. Working with the events team, this role will require attendance at meetings, site inspections, phone and email communications to organise the events.

On-site management activities at events is key to this role, with responsibilities encompassing ticketing, entertainment, logistics, prizes, bookings and artist and talent communications.