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Brisbane Pride Announces Multi-Year Sponsorship of the Lifetime Achievement Award

The Queen’s Birthday Ball Lifetime Achievement Award is an important recognition of brave and driven individuals who dedicate years of service to fighting for our community’s rights and for our equality.

Fair Work Claims logo“Brisbane Pride is delighted to announce that it has joined with employment advocates Fair Work Claims for a multi-year sponsorship arrangement, helping to raise funds for us to continue what we do best,” according to Brisbane Pride President Deeje Hancock.

The winner will stand alongside recent honorees such as longtime community advocate John Ebert and Scarlet founder Monique Forrest who have dedicated their efforts to the betterment of our community.

“This is an award which recognises that commitment to our cause requires tenacity and requires doing things that aren’t easy”, continued Hancock, adding “That’s why partnering with Fair Work Claims just made sense.”


John Ebert

Miles Heffernan from Fair Work Claims was equally enthusiastic. “The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises the recipient’s staying power, their unwillingness to give up, and their sheer determination to see justice”, he said.


“This award goes to a fighter in it for the long haul, someone with bravery and with the guts to take on powerful opponents, even when it is hard. These are the values we passionately shar

e at Fair Work Claims that guide everything we do,” added Heffernan.


“Every day we fight for clients who have been treated unfairly by their employers and who have had their rights ignored, whether that be based on gender, sexuality, age or bullying.

In the same way, the fight for LGBTIQ equality is about more than just changes to the law, how you’re treated at work is about recognising your inherent dignity as a person.

Monique Forrest

Monique Forrest

For 55 years the Queen’s Birthday Ball has recognised individuals and groups in our community who’ve made a difference for all of us through their co

mmitment to equality.


“Fair Work Claims are proud supporters of these awards because we know how valuable and non-negotiable fairness in society and the workplace is, and like the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, we fight for it every day.

Deeje Hancock said this Award was the most precious of the evening. “The Lifetime Achievement Award is our community’s highest honour and goes to a true pioneer in the fight for LGBTI equality.”