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This sucks.

To be forced into this position of having to ask our fellow Australians if we’re equal…

We’re pissed. Majorly.

They have failed us.

BUT – we must not let the haters in the ACL and their friends hijack this process.

We have to show them we can beat them at their own game.

It is imperative that we are all enrolled to vote and have our details up to date.

Your vote is really going to matter.

You must have your details up to date on the Electoral Role by 24 August 2017.

You will then receive a letter from the Australian Bureau of Statistics asking you to complete the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey in September.

This is your chance to vote YES and show your support for marriage equality.

We’re bigger than any army!

The Brisbane Pride Rally and March lands smack in the middle of the Postal Plebiscite period.

Come along and make some noise with your community, show how angry you are and march to take a stand.

Saturday 23 September 2017

Gather from 9:30am

Speeches from 10:00am

March departs 10:30am.

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