As the Queens Ball Awards continue to grow and evolve so too does the talent and dedication of those within our community. Awards at this event are a recognition of the amazing work achieved by those in our community, The Brisbane Pride Festival recognises the need to continue to grow and develop this talent by making room for more nominees and winners in the future of these awards. Therefore in 2019 it was decided to create our “Queens Ball Legends”, a space to recognise those individuals and a select few other categories who have received the same award 3 times or more. After a 3rd award win the recipient is inducted as a Queens Ball Legends in order to ensure long term recognition of their achievements, by being inducted as a Queens Ball Legend, the recipient no longer becomes eligible to win the award again, paving the way for future nominees and winners to enjoy their chance to shine.

In 2019 the following inductees were welcomed

Joel Devereux

Artist Of The Year

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Joel is known for continued contributions to our local community, pushing boundaries with his photography, representation of local queer folks and producing incredible variety shows! He is a very well known local talent who continues to develop his craft in new and interesting ways. Joel is infamous for not only his photography skills, but fantastic concept skills including his make up artistry, “Food Porn” series, “Rumble” and his continued contributed to Brisbane’s Queer Arts scene.


(Matthew Bonasia & Dylan Moon)

Performer Of The Year

2016, 2018, 2019

Kryptonite is an incredibly talented, unique, creative and colourful performance act. Mixing styles and techniques to create something different and special on stage that continues to grow each year, from Fire Breathing to burlesque, this gender bending performance has been lighting up Brisbane for over 10 years. Matthew and Dylan together create and execute this dynamic act that will captivate our stages for many years to come.