Queer Formal

Brisbane Pride proudly presents the annual Brisbane Pride Queer Formal for 2019 (Proudly Supported By The Brisbane City Council) The purpose of the Brisbane Pride Queer Formal is provide a safe space for LGBTIQ students who for any reason may have been prevented from attending or chosen not to their own school formal.Unfortunately even with fantastic, progressive and supportive policies in Queensland schools,there are still many students that suffer discrimination, fear, anxiety and exclusion when it comes to attending their school formal celebrations. Private religious schools in particular still actively prevent LGBTIQ students from bringing same sex partners and do not always support gender diverse students. Some students just aren’t ready or comfortable to express themselves freely amongst their peers and others simply want a safe space to meet and celebrate with their community. This event is for our queer youth to express themselves however they feel most comfortable, to attend with who they love and to have a fantastic night celebrating who they are in style with their LGBTIQ peers